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SVG consist of 32 islands,

only 9 are inhabited.

SVG's Official Language is English

SVG was the location for many of the scenes in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

Due to the island’s volcanic origin, most of St. Vincent's beaches are black sand with two notable exceptions at Villa and Indian Bay, where many hotels are located. Classic white sand beaches, are located in the Grenadines such as Union Island, Canouan, Mustique and Bequia.

An Open Letter from St. Vincent PM, The Hon. Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves.

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How the 2021 La Soufrière eruption

has impacted the community.

The volcanic activity can go on for four months which can run into Hurricane Season.

In 1902 it erupted and killed an estimated 1,600 people however, this time around, with the early evacuation there has been no reported deaths or injuries.

The eruptions inflicted hundreds of millions of dollars in damage on home speaker structure in farm lands according to estimates Atlantic hurricane season beginning June 1st can cause further damage due to landslides.

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To continuously supply clean water

Helping families rebuild their lives

Rebuilding Infrastructure

Cleanup activities

Medical supplies including PPEs, respirators & medication

Agriculture & manufacturing plants

Helping small businesses restart

To supply basic needs to families in over 100 shelters

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Displacement of 20% of the population

Displacement of 20% of the population (approximately 20,000 persons) - Of this number, 13,154 are registered and are currently housed in shelters, private homes and hotels. Approximately 7,000.00 are unaccounted for.

The “Red Zone” which was flagged as the area that is in the direct path of the Volcano’s Pyroclastic flows contains SVG’s prime and most fertile agriculture land. The Agriculture Sector is a vibrant part of their economy as it has single-handedly contributed between 6% - 7.9% towards the Country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) between 2009 and 2019.

In the Red and Orange Zones, the economic loss to the Agricultural Sector is estimated at USD 153.1 M (crops & livestock - USD 109 M, forestry and wildlife - USD 19 M, fisheries - USD 5.1M and farm building and infrastructure - USD 20M)

The Pyroclastic flows from the volcano have started to affect approximately 4-7 villages which indicate an impending complete reconstruction of infrastructure and livelihoods.

There is double jeopardy affecting the Country as the Volcano's "Red Zone" is also the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in that area. The implication is, movement of persons from this area will likely aggravate the spread of the Corona Virus.